Monday, December 24, 2012

The Judaic-Christian Foundation of Modern Physics v.s. the Big Bang Theory

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'Tis the season for all Christian's to prepare to receive God into their lives by remembering the modest beginnings of their frail human condition.  Even though this is a calender remembrance it is in essence a daily, moment by moment reality that Christians grow into understanding.  That the flesh is week, and to be poor in spirit allows the entrance of God into our lives.  I, myself, do get very indignant at times especially around the idolatry of the Big Bang theory.  I do not apologize.  Jesus Christ was justified when he turned over the tables of the money changes in the Temple at Jerusalem and I believe that the pursuit of science is a search for God in the World.  Newton, who was the first to recognize gravity (as if you didn't know but the Big Bang theorists seem to have no ability to perceive), was highly religious and Christian.  Almost everyone who contributed the basic ideas of modern physic's quires into what an atom is and photons and the like were either Christian or Jewish.

It is completely preposterous for any practitioner of any Western math or science to deny the existence of God since every fundamental idea comes from the minds of those whose beliefs are unified in the belief of and in God. In this day and age it is impossible to over state the importance of Judea-Christian in all of the fields of physics.  The influence of such people as Planck, who's dad was a Christian minister, on shaping modern physics by contributing the essential principles of cause and effect.  However the Big Bang theorists have twisted the application of these principles to their own means of destruction.

Where would the Big Bang theorists be with out the almost countless essential ideas of physics?  Nowhere!  They are nowhere.  They are nobodies.  They are being used by the warmongers of the world to develop even more destructive weapons.  They have lost their humanity.  They are the Artificial Intelligent automatons. Sure they are flesh and blood, but they are devoid of Life.  Not that they are entirely Zombies, but they want to 'suck out your brains'.  They don't want you to thick for yourself, or pray, and the definitely don't want you to meditate on the nature of God!  The Judaic-Christian tradition teaches that God's power is far beyond human understanding.  I suggest that the all of everything, the Universe, was created in six days  Unfortunately a man and a woman managed to screw it all up on the day God decided to rest.  Now that is incredible power!  The Big Bang theorists can not conceive of this power and I thank God for that!  Because God is protecting Everyone from the Big Bang theorists' want for destruction.  Luckily the Big Bang theorists think that it took billions of years for the Universe to become as it is now.  Do you have any idea of the difference of magnitude between six days and several billions of years?

 Yes!  Now you might understand the reasoning behind me being vague and illusive as far as divulging the math and physics I have come across over twenty-five years ago.  Maybe you can see the reasoning behind my offensive and unbridled attacks against the Big Bang and Evolution theorists.  It is not fitting that they should be privy to understanding the amazingly and mind boggling true of the incredible power of God.  But I am now writing about it for this maybe the wake up call for them to repent!  That maybe today will allow themselves to become reborn and awaken to the Holy Ghost and be consumed  in the flames of redemption and learn of the Tree of Life.  But I have buried these writings to be guarded by God against those who are set upon  releasing Hell.  I trust in the God Creator to keep these ideas secrete if not these words.

More importantly are that who find themselves in the trials of their faith and maybe they will find these and know that the deception of the Big Bang theorists and Evolutionist is very real and that they have formed a religion of mass destruction even more vicious than the Thuggees that the British had outlawed in India.  Since I am a citizen, born and raised in, of the United States of America I am not a proportionate for making the religion of Big Bang and Evolution illegal, but I am committed to making it clear that they are participating and practitioners of traitorous activities against the United States of America and Humanity!  Almost none of the believers are directly aware of these activities against Humanity nor are they aware they have been deceived including  J. Robert Oppenheimer; an American Jew had spoke out on developing the Hydrogen bomb before it was resolved that the United States would in 1953 he was accused of having sympathies for communists, and Enrico Fermi; an Italian who began his studies of science using the Jesuit priest Father Andrea Caraffa's text book 'Elementorum Physicae Mathematicae' and later left Italy because the Manifesto of Race threatened his Jewish wife Laura, and even though his is buried in Chicago he is memorialized in the Catholic Franciscan church Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence Italy.

I have seen and experienced the madness of delving into the inner workings within the the spaces and shapes beneath protons and neutrons. I have emerged from the experience wanting to return to my faith in God and have been given something more profound than anything I was able to believe about God prior to my descent into the Hell of the Big Bang Theorists and Evolutionists.  Perhaps those who are striving to find faith in God are the ones who will find these rantings or maybe they will buried deeper within the serves archives lost as their electronic signature dissipates.

"In some sort of crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose." - J. Robert Oppenheimer



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