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Atoms, elements,quarks, what??? the fraud of Higgs boson and other mathimatical traps of perception.

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It is impossible for atoms to be made up of quarks or any other such because of what an Atom is.  Is it possible to have an Atom of quark?  An Atom is a single particle of which all of the particles are all made up of and literally translates from the ancient Greek as "uncuttables".  These scribes of nature and their contemplations conjecture on ideas of Leucippus who might have existed and might even have taught Democritus who's existence is probable although of the few dozen works that he had written none have survived.  Others who also conjectured along these line are Epicurus and Lucretius.  I have always had a fondness for Democritus (YES THIS DOES TRANSLATE TO MEAN "chosen of the people").  He lived from 460 BC to 370 BC after Zeno of Elea, another favorite of mine who also left a few dozen discourses none of which survive except as referenced by those after him.

Modern science and mathematicians have found themselves perplexed by these ancients and what they were able to recognize and explore without the aide of preposterous machinery such as CERN and yet these scientists now claim to have found the "god particle".  I must admit that I do like to look at the pictures from these various "experiments" no matter how erroneous their conclusions are of them.  It is true that Higgs did spend a lot of ink on his ideas and of course all should but it is only with the spirit's purity can there ever be written anything compared to the absurdly profound poetry that has constructed and perpetuates the world.

For instance: what is silver, oxygen, hydrogen, and all of the rest of the "atoms" described on the periodical table of elements.  That is it!  They are elements; reduced to and described as "atoms".   Similar as in what makes up a brick of gold?  Gold!  However an "atom" of gold is not an "atom" of oxygen and not even lead.  However that did not deter those from trying to find a way of turning lead into gold.  Perhaps even as Rumpelstiltskin spin straw into gold.  Einstein saw through some of this riddle and recognized that E=Mc(squared).  However successful he was in aiding numerous scientists with various contemplations of the nature of "elemental atoms" the "Godless" created atomic bombs, abandoning any remnant of sanity and humility.  Almost the entirety of science have abandoned the human race and the foundations of the United States claim to independence and the rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".  Harken citizens of the world, even if they strike to destroy the United States and that may make you very happy beware for these scientists have set their minds and your money towards transforming matter into far more dangerous poisonous "atomic elements" construction even more explosive bombs that leave behind not only death and destruction but thoroughly contaminated the land, water and air in ever widening spheres.

It is not that I am here suggesting how to transform common elements into precious metals, even though I believe that to be a better use of time than creating high yield bombs.  What I am leading to is an explanation and a refinement of understanding the basic "building block" of what the Universe is composed of, or more to the point 'the decomposition' of matter.  Now there are many discrepancies between what an Atom is and what modern science calls an "atom".  However I have often found that an idea, even an erroneous one, can led to a deeper understanding into the nature of life and the world in which we live.  We know that the elements themselves have variations, therefore an element is not an Atom; C(12) with C(14), H(2) and H(3) as well as ordinary H.  That an element is determined to be of a specific piece of matter and recognized by the number of "protons" each with their "electrons", as opposed to how many "neutrons" it has.  However a "neutron", nor "proton", and certainly not an "electron" are considered to be an Atom.  Is the idea of an Atom merely an over simplification?  If so then "quantum mechanics" has to be recognized as an over simplification and if "quantum mechanics" is an oversimplification then the Big Bang Theory is an oversimplification.  As a child I was truly fascinated by the idea of an Atom and I can truly appreciate the pursuit of such an idea.  As as adult I can see it, the idea of an Atom, and recognize the wish to have some sort of defense in an uncertain world.  However, the Big Bang theorist have succumbed to their fears and have forgotten the lesson of the idea of an Atom.

But what about the "god particle" idea?  True, I do think that they think that it is the link to discovering an Atom.  But let us get serious about the scientific method to start and recognize that ultimately it means the need for them to hold down a lepton long enough to prove that it is indeed made up of Atoms and then chart these Atoms' configurations.  Ah but that is it isn't it?  What the Big Bang theorists have forgotten about science.  Especially the ancient Greeks and their shared knowledge from the greatest minds of the ancient Mediterranean territories and the Celtic traditions and teachings.  It is, physics and math, are about how to build and create, however the Big Bang theorists are all about the destruction of everything.  The riddle of an Atom is simply that, a riddle.  As much and as meaningful as Zeno of Elae's Achilles vs the tortoise paradox.  Surely there are mathematicians that claim that calculus is this riddle's solution and they a partially correct.  Calculus is only partially correct that is, however the Egyptians were able to divide the lands on the Nile to equal lots.  This is a problem that can be solved by using calculus to a satisfactory degree of accuracy.  Many conjectured that the Egyptians had to know of calculus and over a decade ago undeniable proof was found that they did.  Ergo the paradox of Achilles vs the tortoise was rhetorical, and as I had discovered that the idea of an Atom is also as such.  Socrates students have indicated that the contemplation of math and asthmatic specifically was the best and surest way of having the unseen creator disclose the nature of the world.



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