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Quantizs this!... and of misleading indicators.

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There are innumerable reasons why the idea of Quantum in physics does notwork out.  Sure it would be nice we see a singular apple, and for sure it is one.  However  when all apples are considered it is very quickly recognized there is an extraordinary range of variation; size, mass, color, even flavor indicating different relationships of citric acid and fructose just to name a few variations.  Even the idea of with or without steams, leaves, and what about crab-apples?  So what of these apples and oranges?  These things that we can be easily count.  In this macros we can isolate a single species, but if that in itself was singular as in being the same, then there wouldn't be hybrids.  More about  breeds?  What about dogs?  What does this have to do with subatomic particles, waves packets, and the like?  What doesn't it?  Sure we do not recognize the fur or the bark, them shedding or do we?  But that isn't even what I am referring to.  I'm not even talking about the difference as a cut of meat; shank, flank, rib, short rib, tender loin, filet mignon, and as such and a butcher cut as a hanger steak of Spencer steak and rib-eye. I extended that idea just to give a glimpse of the oversimplification Modern Physics still is in a Relative Universe.

It is my perspective that the various sub-atomic parts are broken bits as oppose to actual atomic particles.  That what it is that makes up an "atom" is probably different than what is observed.  As Einstein demonstrated they wave and particle of photos the method of observation constitutes the perception of what is being viewed.  I use the butchery terms mostly because that is what I believe is being done to form the currently view that the world scientific community is pushing as the way the Universe works and even created.  Where are the lungs, bowls, heart of these microscopic beasts?

What has been discovered and created by scientists in the various fields of physics and chemistry has seriously put a dent in the ancient Greeks idea that Atoms are singularly dense i.e. completely devoid of interior space.  Modern theory doesn't seem to have made up it's mind on weather or not they will embrace the idea that there should be a large variety of shapes and sizes.  It seems that the Big Bang theorists are determined to find their single piece from which a universe can emerge.  Which is an interesting way of looking at what the ancient Greek philosophers had debated about, however upon critical examination and an basic understanding of Christian scripture they are actually on a path of trying to find the portal into the Kingdom of God which is within.  This is the essence of the teachings of Jesus Christ son of God son of man, however Jesus Christ taught that this entrance was made through the grace of God and that acts of Charity is the only price of admission.

Although there are other such references throughout the world's religions of such a reality I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ's teachings.  I find it superior to any and all religions that I have heard and read about.  It is the Truth that spurs me on and has granted me understanding of many things however it is physics that I have been writing of here.  It is in this spiritual quest that not have I but many other great scientists have found their ideas.  Newton and Einstein are two others who had their own ways and contributed what they have found.  I have written before that the mathematics and details are too volatile to reveal at this time considering the Big Bang theorist's destructive nature.  It is as I had written above and before that their methods are crude and fueled by lack of perception.

An Atom, singular and indivisible, an idea of contemplation, but not God, an unobservable bit amongst other size and shaped Atoms that are the fundamental essence of all the material world.  Colors, shape, taste, and the like are some of the original attributes contributed  by the ancient Greeks, and some of these ideas have been incorporated into distinguishing quarks.  But then what is a quark? the modern theorists ask amongst themselves and then there is something else and others.  There are voices that already are conjecturing beyond the Higgs boson if that is what they call it.  But all in all where is gravity? and mass?  If gravity is not recognized in subatomic theory then there can be no mass.  It can't be particle and being particle is the road that lead Einstein to divulge E=mc(squared).  Then there can be no energy.  Gravity IS the unifying force of nature.  It is that it can not be seen only felt.  If without feeling then it means that it is being ignored and misunderstood.  If matter can be converted into energy then maybe it is that these bonds of strong force or week force are of mater and constitute a "strength" as a string or rope or chain.  But really this is just an idea to spoil the obvious over-site that has occurred in even applying proven ideas.

What I have recognized is that quantum or is it quanta? regardless, it is relative. and not even momentary but a product of how an event is observed and not what the event is.  Sure it yields nifty pictures but when neurologists look at MRI images of a brain they know and perceive it as a cross section, an interior image, of what is a real whole brain and it can even be from a living person.  However the Big Bang theorists seem to have no inclination of understanding that their large particle accelerator approach is not that much different than dropping a cargo shipping container full of anvils on a mustard seed to see how it will grow.

It is true that I choose astrophysics because it allows for the contrast of micro and micro to   the extreme degree, and yet I never was hung up on the idea of black holes.  I never found the idea that appealing.  To me the idea of a black hole seems to be the same type of insane drivel that a paranoid schizophrenic is hopelessly strung out on and tries to sell to others like those people who are completely obsessed with a conspiracy theory. and  the Higgs boson is one a step away from that with it sudden appearance of mass to explain some interesting phenomenon with unobservable mass in some sub-atomic particle experiments.  I'll get back to that point but it is the general idea of finding the black hole in interior of an "atom" that all though as I wrote earlier above there is the gate to Heaven within everyone and it is connected to everything.  But quantum mechanics is set up on the premise that the laws outside of "atoms" don't apply in the same way they apply inside "atoms".  Usually it is a rationalization that there are other forces that become factors that over power the rest of the forces.  Sometimes its gravity vs the strong force, but I'm not here to go into these discussion now.

The point of this is about the intersection points between the unobservable forth spacial dimension (4DS) and the observable third spacial dimension (3DS).  What if neutrons are fixed in the 3DS and 4DS, photons are traveling from 4DS to 3DS, and protons are traveling from 3DS to 4DS?  That is not exactly what is going on but its a step away from the insanity of the Big Bang theorists' construction.  Oh, and maybe the 'illusive "gravitons"' are actually the quarks and such?  That the neutron, proton, and photons are actually the illusive Atoms of the ancient Greeks and the rest of sub-atomic is like the ashen remains after fire.  Again this is not nearly as incredible as what is really going on.  This is merely a simple step away from madness and a direction towards clear understanding.  The phoenix did rise from the fire as the Egyptians tell it and even though Aristotle argued against the idea of an Atom Socrates had his fire pot.

It is clear that the ancients did know and recognized many chemical transformations; they smelted ores, made a variety of glass and pottery.  They were also adept at making pigments, and the making of breads and fermenting process of milk (cheeses and yogurt), fruit (wine), and grains (beer).  Of course some of the substitutes alluded them and were mysterious, but it is the mysteries that beacons us to search out the light.



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