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Science for the Good of Mankind vs Big Bang Theories' Fascism

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Even though the Big Bang Theory was first proposed by the Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Georges Lemaitre in 1927 in his writing "Un Univers homogène de masse constante et de rayon croissant rendant compte de la vitesse radiale des nébuleuses extragalactiques" (or in English) "A homogeneous Universe of constant mass and growing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extragalactic nebulae" which was published in the Belgum Annales de la Société Scientifique de Bruxelles  which translates as Annals of the Scientific Society of Brussels in English.  There is an ever expanding library of evidence that The current Big Bang hypothesizes are inaccurate.  I am not arguing against his writings which have since been attributed to Edwin Hubble at this moment but to the misconceptions of the incongruousness of the idea that the Judaic-Christian God and science are incompatible. 

Science is only effective if human-beings maintain the flexibility to be put aside their theories when they are demonstrated to be inaccurate.  Surely as I have pointed out in earlier blogs that there are a number of different ideas of physic mechanics that were demonstrated to hold true long before the Big Bang Theory was suggested.  Just because those ideas were incorporated into the Big Bang Theory does not mean the Big Bang Theory has been demonstrated to hold true.  Basically what it suggests is that there has been a rationalization of ideas and since many of the current ideas that are put forth as being part of the Big Bang mythos do not subscribe to Einstein's and Lemaitre's work then the Big Bang Theory has become the raving  of schizophrenic minds.  It is a sad state of affairs that these ideas are even being considered to be valid because when they are scrutinized they fail to predict anything outside a singularly closed system (the Big Bang Theory has slowly been trying to close itself off from chemistry and the wide variety of elements that we depend on for our own lives) but fail to be able to reconcile various other phenomena that also occur even within the very small singular set of conditions.

The reason why has to do with the old idea of the Ether, or as I sometimes refer to it more specifically "the Shape of Space" or as the ancient Greeks discuses it as Void.  In some sort of crude and savage manner some of the properties of the Shape of Space the Big Bang Theorists are trying to convey as being Dark Matter. I have already written about the lack of credibility of the Dark Matter conjecture of the feeble minded.  I am not addressing this in this blog.  The point above all else has to do with the lack of need for science to have a singular cosmology!  This means that the Big Bang Theory is not only meaningless to science, having no merits of it's own to contribute to the furthering of scientific understanding, But to actually define a cosmology in math restricts the individual's ability to experience spiritual growth.

All religions have a cosmology for the Judaic-Christian faiths this is outlined in the first two chapters of the First Book of Moses "Genesis".   There isn't anything specific about this particular cosmology and if I can paraphrase the current Pope the Big Bang Theory is not necessarily sacrilege, which is different than saying it is Christian doctrine.  One of the essential duties of any Pope is to negotiate treaties with worldly authorities.  During the Second World War the Pope had to plead for the Catholics living within Germany and the territories that Germany had and would later invade.  There are outsiders that do not understand why this was done however thousands of condemned non-Catholics were smuggled out of Germany's torturous grasp.  Another crucial function of the Pope is to continue the legacy of Saint Peter to whom Jesus Christ had given "the Keys to Heaven".  Again some outsiders do not understand the importance of God's Mercy and Grace, and some of the ideas are so controversial that those who did not understand them have gone to great lengthens to cause mass violence and oppression against Catholics. 

As I have stated before I do not want any such violence or repositories against those who subscribe to the Big Bang Theory or Evolution.  I am merely speaking out against the madness and ignorance of these theories.  They fall far short of what science has found of the world and that which surrounds it and permeates it.  When asked about the Pope's statement my first reaction was that he didn't know of the staggering amount of evidence contrary to the Big Bang Theory.  Then a quiet second after that I realized the Pope was demonstrating God's Divine Mercy.  As you can tell I am not bashful of tell those who still cling to the inferior Big Bang Theory and Evolution, but I am not the Pope.  I am not looking for rewards and awards of this world.  The paralyzing grip of the mass insanity of the world scientific community is staggering and it is better to shout out loud against the din of their stupidity because maybe someone will notice the idiots are wrong and there is a way of peace the Almighty has made if they are brave and turn away from the tyrants of war and continually ask God to show them how to bring a little more Peace to those they may. 



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