Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real Science...subjective v.s. objective

Good day,

The scientist is supposed to distinguish themselves by being able to analyze evidence/facts and further the understanding of Life, the Universe, and Everything...  Sounds a bit pretentious, huh?  It's pretty much understood that the whole answer is not expected because any one of those subjects once explored only produces more to explore.  A journey for a life time.  Aristotle, who was schooled by Plato who was schooled by Socrates, was using his
 explorations as a means of gaining greater understanding into all of those three from a non-temporal entity by applying a method of isolating the principle and contemplating its relationship to other principles.

This process (as best as I can determine) was lifted from the house of Israel before they were enslaved in Egypt and still lived there as honored citizens.  The descendants of Israel have a meditative process of meditating on the Ten Commandments in a manner and contemplating the relationships of the commandments to each other.  This is a  pursuit to better understand their relationship to/with God, amongst themselves, and with others in a strict manner of devotion to God.

One of those who applied this in engineering was Archimedes who learned through his great-grandfather, a great mathematician of the time.  Archimedes had built incredible defenses of the city he lived in.  One of these wonders was a series of mirrors and such that allowed the city to burn its enemies ships on approaching and in the city's bay.  Regardless the city was, after years of being under siege, breached and sacked, including the death of Archimedes who is reported of saying that he did not want to be interrupted in contemplating the circles, and these inventions were destroyed.

During the 1980's then President Ronald Reagan got sold on idea that popularly was called the "Star Wars Defense System" which most physicists working in the field of particles knew was cocked-up and any real chances of achieving was slim to none.  However they wanted the money and went along with the gag.  The entire alternative energy program that the former President Jimmy Carter had established was pilfered and billions of dollars wasted.  Sure there were a few contributions made, but mostly as an afterthought and of little effect as far as impacting the general welfare of the United States as far as I know.

When a community abandons the idea of working for the good of the human race, greed and power become the predominated factor.  It is easy to look at the United States Medical community to see this work for healing become a way of making money.  When the debate for reform perpetually stalls consistently, even when the government contributes to the income of these enterprises through the Military, on and off the field of combat, the elderly, and disabled, the smoke screen is so thick that it is ignored that the national and state government do have socialized medicine.  I'm not even mentioning the government grants and tax breaks for research at universities, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies.  Then there are public fundraising campaigns for specific and general research that are also tax deductible.  When insurance rates, not just personal, or through an employer, but the facility's and doctor's liability are all added up, what is the true cost?  How many extra expenses have been added, and that isn't even looking at the inflation of salaries.

Certainly this is not an in-depth analysis, but when citizens are charged voluntarily or involuntarily for services that they may or may not receive a benefit from there should be a means of accountability.  I have known plenty of people who have been railroaded away from receiving prompt and effective health care who are paying into an HMO or other group service and their only recourse is if something permanently detrimental is the result of these blatantly profit motive companies.  If with a body and whether or not it is alive cannot bring sane application of scientific principles than how can the rest of the scientific community be principled?  Oh, sorry, that is rhetorical.  If you think you're above it all you are part of the problem!  True research is searching, and obviously in searching there is a degree of not knowing.  That is the driving force of discovery.    However the desert is not the best place to find naturally growing watermelons, and a submarine is not needed to find crickets.  A certain amount of common sense is needed for the common good.  I sincerely hope that the future of science will become of good sense.