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Cause and Effect... Super Spatial Interactions

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Examining the idea of a fourth spatial dimension as cause and a three dimensional space with a fourth dimension of time as effect as opposed to the space/time four dimensions typically used by Big Bang Theorists and even Einstein's constructions yields an even stronger reconciliation of perceived data. I am inclined to concede that even a fifth dimension of space maybe viable. However beyond that it would seem that a larger variety of natural phenomena would have to be readily apparent.

Most of my conclusions have to do with the study of the nature of electrical current, not as the simple fluctuation of electrons, but as energy in all of its transformations. I took the wide range of particle and wave theories with their formulas and bombarded as much raw data as I could with them during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s so by the fall of 1983 I was acquainted enough to recognize that Einstein had fallen short on the application of his theories and relativity not necessarily because of not recognizing the concepts, but because of the bulk of mathematics that is required to straddle not only Newtonian and Quantized nuclear mechanics, but thermo-electro-harmonics of charged stratified gaseous and solid matter.

The first questions that came to mind that was not already answered came about when isolating a single particle/wave packet, weather it originated within the perceived phenomena, or traveled through the prescribed domain. The first subject of question that I quarried was: “Is there something that can travel faster than the speed of light?” Of course there is a particle that travels faster than light, since all of our experimental observational means are limited by ‘observance’ i.e. light is the ‘fastest’ medium through which we record data, then it is impossible for anything traveling ‘faster than light’ to be recorded. A catch ‘22’ since calibration cannot be achieved.

An example would be lightning and thunder. If you can only hear, i.e. you can’t see, you would never know that the light of the electrical discharge ever happened, and the distance from the strike to the observer would be measured the shock wave through the medium of the air. During the development of supersonic aircraft there were numerous problems that had to be overcome with the instrumentation to function properly when the craft achieved sonic velocity and higher.

Unlike the supersonic aircraft and ‘faster than light’, where the knowledge of light traveling faster than sound allowed for recalibration, the nature of ‘faster than light’ travel cannot be measured since we do not have a proper reference frame to measure it.

Neutrinos or their existence is calculable and has been for a long time. This was the first ‘particles’ or ‘wave packets’ that I gleaned, but of more importance if neutrinos exist then electrons have to travel at an even higher magnitudes of velocity. The ‘electron cloud’ or the quantized paradox of a single ‘body’ being more than one place in time indicate that ‘observation’ of ‘faster than light’ velocities create ‘optical’ illusions.

Why people think that ‘faster than light’ velocities are a violation of physics’ law or Einstein’s theories is purely a misunderstanding of what Relativity is eluding towards. These not construct of relative magnitudes, but the perception of various magnitudes of one reference frame and a different reference frame in order to reconcile the individual reference frames with each other. These reconciliations are the basis of the unification of fields (week, strong, electric, magnetic, and such).

What are the conditions of observation? That is the question Einstein and many others have been working on puzzling out. Although there was much I could perceive by recognizing a fourth dimensional space being disseminated into the popular 3-D space/time misrepresentation it was not until the summer/fall of 1985 that I was able to recognize the mistakes built into calculus that made Newton reluctant to publish and solve them.

It was tricky, and various modern arithmetic proofs done after Newton helped point the way of a solution and proof of a corrected version which was both arithmetic and geometric. Before actuating this new mathematical procedure, along with the strike accounting of physics of subatomic to astrological, I ran various calculations of certain proposed high profile facilities.

Unfortunately when these calculations were made along the lines of the prevalent ideas of the Big Bang Theorists the more accurate mathematics led to catastrophic results. In order to maintain a clear conscious I destroyed any and all related research notes, calculations, proofs, conclusions, and all. I am in no means trying to re-render these findings. I merely hope that these writing will yield to more clear minded thinking and a higher standard of social responsibility to future scientists.


Stephen A. Halkovic III

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