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What is the Time.... is there a backdrop?

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This is still more background on debunking the Big Bang Theory (BBT) concerning the Universe, this might take some time... Perhaps this all seems like jousting at windmills... Honestly what do they mean by saying; 'It all started...'

There weren't even cavemen, Neanderthal or otherwise, to paint it on the wall; Stellar graffiti? but again, where did the wall come from.

First cause is not observable, and non-verifiable.

This is a simple, but unshakable Truth, and the very nature of being "first". Most of the BBTs have a discussion of "first" being the thrust that they know. Some will reference that this is not the 'first big bang' and try to elude this unsettling dilemma. This assumption does address some of the short comings, but ignores the fact that subsequent big bangs cannot occur which is something I will have to address another day. Now concerning Cosmology, most cultures (okay all cultures) have a first cause, usually revealed to humans by a Divine figure of various sorts. A lot of these Firsts have to do with the Earth and Heavens being shaped in differing fashions from one or two Divine beings. Most BBTs first have nothing to do with a Divine body associated with the cataclysmic event which gives them the nick-name 'Big Bang'.

There is a very prevalent influential religion that has the Divine figure beyond the Heaven and Earth. The Judaic tradition indicates that the Creation of Heaven and Earth is the deliberately initiated by God casting the shadow of his image or spirit on the surface of space (in keeping within scientific terminology). I was raised Catholic, and had Jewish friends, so this is the most familiar for me, and when compared to a wide variety of other test, scientific, religious and others, is the most credible when the facts are taken into account. Another note on the first chapter of the book of Genius (or the First Books of Moses) concerning the 'Evolution Theory' which claim an almost identical path of "evolution" as the sequence of days in the order God had created Life on the Earth. This is very relevant since the BBT and “Evolution” theories correlate themselves together in their mutually shared time line.

OH! You might think I'm one of those 'Creationist' nutters, Take a deep breath and count backwards from ten, and see if you can look at this from a different perspective than that of a religious zealot. If you rail against a religion it's your own mental hang up, not mine. I'm not saying anyone is going to Hell or any other such misconception that some try to impose upon others. What I am introducing is an idea of relevance of an extraordinary power of magnitude that neither the BBT nor the 'Evolution' theory can touch.

 Many have fallen for an old anti-Semitic propaganda ploy. Anti-Semites have used lies to attack Jews by slander, thus justifying later violence against them. Christians have also been victimized in this manner (although it is true this is the root of all racial/religious bigotry it is specifically relevant to these two religious groups in this discussion). The BBT and the Theory of Evolution have become anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

Another note about the discussion concerning time lines is the extremely lengthy time line can in no way be verified. It will take a several billion years in order to provide any discernible evidence to support it. Everything that has been offered as 'proof' is merely circumstantial and speculative at best (these will be addressed later). As far as 'evolution' is concerned it has been shown time and time again that variation actually exists within the 'genetic coding'. Through an unknown process the egg discerns which sperm will penetrate and fertilize it. Likewise, it may also be that the sperm may actually decide which sperm will be the one to enter first. Maybe it is a combination of the two. There is research in localized environment impact on variety selection. If this is of interest to you might take a look into a link between temperature and sex of the Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus), an endangered lizard native to New Zealand, as an example.

My interest as a scientist had rested in the development of efficient low impact energy sources. So I am very interested in the possibility of energy ratio of a six day time frame of Cosmology verse the several billion years proposed by the BBTs. The dynamics of such resolution of a materialized Universe is staggering compared to the BBT being relatively benign. I suppose the possibility that the Universe being this amazingly dynamic is too much for most to comprehend. That maybe there is some other sources of energy even more closely 'guarded' than that from mater.

What is the First cause? The idea is that this Universe did not come from an event of 3-dimensional space in a time. But a residual effect from a 4th or 5th (I haven’t seen any reason to rule one or the other out) dimensional space experiment designed for a 3-D effect. True, even more unsettling, but it doesn't take much intelligence to recognize there is a God.

So the “spirit” of God over the 'experiment' really isn't that far fetch when compared to the "26 dimensions" (which is only possible if time was more like a tadpole and since no one has yet to run into themselves in any significant account 5 dimensions seem only plausible) some have supposedly proved. Math is simply a language of sorts. And it is possible to write a believable story of fiction and it is of fact. Many will argue that it is actually easier to write fictitious scenario than to write a factual piece. What I have seen of these is more that mathematically these can be figured, calculated and such, but by no means actually carries any proof of a True 26th dimensional space.

If the Universe erupted into being then in the ‘First’ case there would be no friction. Being never used distribution would occur more like water out of a tap. The gravity and water pressure forcing it abruptly against the bowl. When gravity does overcome as forming matter accretes ‘friction’ would form as the pooling water in the sink and not as the bowl. It is not until then when wave dynamics can manifest. Then there can be transformation and rapidly congeal into masses cool enough and large enough to be matter eventually bounded by the speed of light. Then it can be seen that stellar and planetary bodies did not have to travel billions of years, but manifested locally from a ‘spacial ocean’ decelerating suddenly into celestial bodies.

As you can see there is a considerable backdrop to flush out here and I will have to continue later.

May Peace sustain you in this transition to the new calendar year,

Stephen A. Halkovic III

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