Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time! Its Illusion and Distraction…

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I hope this is a wonderful new year for you all. It’s given me a chance to pause and reflect on the arbitrary definitions that we’ve given to time. There was a time when April first was the new years, and then it was changed and those who remembered the good old days were called April Fools. Needless to say the annual, month, week, day, hour, minute, second does have a relevance to seasons, reservation, taxes, and the like.

Atomic clocks, radioactive decay, again, the falling apart, destructions, but what about growth and prorogation? Even a Big Bang Theorist can recognize the difference in yield between a fission and fusion reaction. But when a slow ‘cold’ fusion reaction was suspected by three well known physicists conjectured in the mid-eighties that they might have stumbled across such a reaction during an experiment and other physicists weren’t able to duplicate the results the three were ‘black balled’ and the world physicist communities inability to process the information was ignored.

On the other hand what I find to be actually hilarious about these constructs that they’ve hatched up is C14 dating. The presumption of knowing and understanding distribution of C14, C13, and C12, is a true tribute to their own arrogance. Going back to First causes. No one was there so any theory based on a fixed beginning is flawed and not scientific.

I do concede to a range of radio-active decay models, but some of them a presumptuous to a fault and exclude a wide range of possible factors. Baring in mind with what I’ve elude to recognizing fundamental flaws of calculus there are ranges of usage, as with the ancient Greek’s assertion that constant force was needed to keep a body in motion (before Newton’s demonstration of gravity and its cause of friction/drag), when long ranges of time are examined the arbitrary assignment of a time frame incurs a wider range of error. As Einstein’s Relativity Theories indicate it is only a perception of differences in observation and not the literal physical characteristics of the incident.

For instance? If the rate of radioactive decay was constant then nuclear bombs, fission or fusion, would not be possible. There is extreme evidence that reality is well established. Furthermore a less critical demonstrations is evident in any nuclear reactor, with the added component of ‘control rods’ adding another factor that there are other factors which in short term small controlled specimens can be address and accommodated for. Like simple relativity a closed system can yield effective results, and even in General Relativity adding more variables, but still maintaining fixed constants. Although the Universe is not so easily swayed practical applications have obviously achieved.

Unfortunately when the US government was solicited by various scientists during the mid and late 1970’s to build an underground research laboratory for the study and experimentation of and with radioactive waste for the treatment of those and subsequent materials towards reducing and possible eliminating their radioactive properties the scientist were refused. Just one example from many extreme mistakes by politicians due to ignorance and misinformation perpetrated by those following the Big Bang Theory, and many more in the line of medicine, several because of beliefs held by the Evolutionists. It is astonishing how truly progressive programs have fallen to the wayside to satisfy delusions within the scientific community.

I’m really trying not to get into the departed former President Reagan’s disruption of alternative energy and ecological research to be siphoned into the ‘Star Wars” debacle. However it is important to stress the fundamental flaws of “Voodoo Economics”. Just because someone says it is so does not make it that way. There are a lot of Zombies out there and if you’re not careful they’ll ‘eat out your brains’ and have you pay them for it. It’s illegal to shot them in the head. Honestly they only use it for eating and satisfying other baser animalistic cravings but the law is the law. Violence begets more violence. Beware of the ‘Military Complex’ to paraphrase the departed US General and President ‘Ike’.

Stephen A. Halkovic III

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