Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time, the Universe, and Everything.... A Little Background First

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This is a serious attempt to wake up those in the World 'Scientific' Community. Hopefully, okay it’s the Hail Mary football pass.
Seriously, there are problems with the 'Big Bang Theory' concerning the Universe. Problems present ever since it was first presented. Unfortunately, contrary to true scientific process, this bad idea didn't get thrown out, and subsequently really spoiled almost every associated field of science concerning 'Physics'. The only bigger gaff, a real pervert of science, is the 'Theory of Evolution'.

The amount of money alone being used to try to validate these two atrocities of modern science is embarrassing. The inability of the World's 'scientific' Community to see beyond these is sad, truly pathetic, like those who insisted the world is flat, and the Earth is the center of the Universe. This is the order of the stubbornness in the close minded following of these two theories. Having studied Astrophysics, I know, I've seen it!

In the mid-eighties I decided to write a paper on what I have been able to figure out as far as Unifying Gravity with the Unified Field Theories of the time. I got busy researching any and all applicable available information, theoretical and experimental. I was attending Indiana University and since they had a linear accelerator and telescope (although relatively small I will admit) access to the most current information and older papers was no problem.

The first thing I noticed was how far short their theories fell from Einstein's ideas regarding space and matter; whether they are bounded or unbounded, and infinite or finite. Einstein’s theories are predicated on these relationships, so their failure to compose a theory that was in an agreement with Einstein’s then they had rejected all of his works since matter and space are principle concepts.

The second concern is the biggest problem. I found that it was prevalent throughout the data and analysis relevant to Cosmology via astrological examination. Almost every postulated theory and their formulas fell far short of the actual data that was obtained. Scientists were not only overlooking relevant data which indicated their theories were incorrect, but they were also backing each other up in this process. A scientific community bonded together by a 'Code of Silence'.

That really didn't bother me at the time. I saw the pattern they couldn't. I thought I could profit by publishing my own insights and theories. However, after arming myself with the facts and coming to the mathematical conclusions, I came to a startling reality. The only application that could come from any theory in the hands of those subscribing to the 'Big Bang Theory' can only lead to massive destruction.

A theory that begins and ends in an explosion can only yield massive destruction!

This follows a fundamental idea of psychology and philosophy. Cosmology is the root of any religion. Since modern science does not have; a moral/ethic code or credo reflecting a dogma and theology that I am aware of, I do not think of these as religious. I don't believe this to being any sort of religion or condemnation of any religion, although there may be individuals without a religious consciousness who may disagree. I look at both of these 'bad' ideas of science merely as sloppy thinking that no one has bothered to clean up.

Because of various reasons I have not written about these matters and recently have come to a personal place in my life when I should address these critical flaws in the fields that I had enjoyed.

In subsequent posts I hope to encourage those interested and involved in the 'World Scientific Community' to make strides towards clearing away these misconceptions of science and restore to the world a sane and responsible scientific community.


 Stephen A. Halkovic III

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