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The Black Hole lie... What is Space anyways?

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If something is possible mathematically does that mean that it is possible? Considering that math is a language, or better still, a supplementary language, universal in general, with its only sense of grammar and such it, is likely that as traditional languages can be used for fiction, then math can likewise be used for fiction, and even lying. Yes, I mean literally ‘false’ as opposed to simply misleading which is frequently done with “statistics”. Since there are things that can’t be proved, like the “Beginning of the ‘Universe’” and things that aren’t provable at a specific time, like ‘velocities faster than the “speed of Light”, other things that are arbitrarily chosen, like ‘Time’, then there is and always will be room for differences in informed opinion legitimately based on what is known and differing because of outstanding variables.
In the case of ‘faster than the speed of light’ (‘>c’) being possible I believe is a, currently unobservable, regular occurrence. I will have to go into this at a later date. If you haven’t run across it yet I did an extensive survey of physic texts during the early 1980’s and was easily able to find everything I needed to work out the particulars. In the basic of formation constructions of an alleged ‘Black Hole’ all specific matter reaches a state which will induce enough matter to accelerate (almost instantly) to velocities well beyond ‘c’, the magnitude is related to the change of relative matter densities and relative thermal conditions primarily. Although arguments can be made for other factors I have found if considered in what be considered a ‘Grand Relativity Theory’ these fall into one of the two categories and the few special cases are secondary and only effect the range within its magnitude.
In cases not considering ‘>c’ subatomic deterioration is so easily dismissed that is laughable. Consider any ‘atomic bomb’ and the causes and effects of implosive and explosive forces. The hang up with the Big Bang Theorists is they think ‘if it comes together fast enough…’ or any of their rationalization, ‘that it can happen’. What about space? Einstein ventured an idea of the relationship of space and matter, and this is the crux. Space is. Not only is Space, but so is Gravity! What is Space’s relationship with Gravity? What is Gravity without matter? What is matter without Space? If you consider the relative matter density of a chemical compound; i.e. what is the part (percentage) that is matter? or what is the amount of Space displaced by the present matter? then you see that the formation of a Black Hole has to do with the displacement of space. This is very much like the idea of a cooling body. It does not get cold, or to say absorbs cold, its heat leaves, or better put it looses Energy. Needless to say if there is an ‘equal and opposite action for every action’ then there is an absorption, or transference, of energy by the next body creating an equilibrium effect were no net loss of energy occurs. Even in a ‘refrigerator’ situation and gaseous water is condensed into water, the vacating Space is not lost within the unit during transference in an opened system. In the case of a closed system the sealing container is acted upon by the energy pulling the container into the condensing matter. When a jar of properly treated preserves are open the dimpled lid ‘pops’ into place releasing the converted energy.

The magnitude of gaseous and liquid displacement is high compared to the liquid water to solid water transference this is an over simplification of relative matter density, how it demonstrates another aspect working against the formation of any ‘Black Holes’. As the water losses energy of liquid state to solid fissures form (it cracks) as ‘impurities’ that were held in the liquid state of the water but are incompatible with transforming along with the water to a solid under the particular circumstances (an over simplified example of an aspect of relative matter density). The cracks usually occur with vacating particulars in gaseous form, but liquids may not transform under the conditions, and solids may form and precipitate before the liquid losses enough energy to become a solid. Any container is affected as the energy flows out of the system as a glass may crack under the stress of spatial displacement.

Thus an aspect of variance regarding Euclidian geometry can be reconciled with a non-Euclidian geometry. I found a measurable quantity, Energy of Space, which can be measured as a relationship of relative matter density and relative thermal conditions. As far as I have been able to determine (note that the spatial displacement is bond by the variance of Euclidian and non-Euclidian geometry) the variance of Gravity to Space is. That is to say a relationship of vectors in different reference plans (not space and definitely not time) with no direct over lap. A boat traveling downstream has no variance to the stream since they have corresponding properties to Special and General Relativity. Gravity and Space have no relationship to each other however they each have an effect on things that are subject to and influenced by Special and General Relativity.

Please note that the terms: >c, variance, Energy of Space, spatial displacement, relative matter density and relative thermal conditions, are all only being used to bridge the gap of concepts from the Big Bang theories, calculus, Special and General Relativity with the 4th/5th D-Space construction and the mathematical structure that I came up with to solve these dynamically different ideas. Any resemblance to existing terminology is due to lack of sleep...

Stephen A. Halkovic III

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