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Morality and Gravity

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     I had written a version of this post a couple of weeks ago or so and been stewing on it until I lost that version.  Mostly because it is the first real postulate of the theory I had come up with nearly three decades ago that is radically different than the Big Bang Theory.  The reason I am so general about these ideas is because of the tragically destructive nature of the BBT.  In lots of ways I wonder if I have already written too much about the contrast of these two ideas that they can be extrapolated to create even more destructive weapons, and such, than we already have.

     So it is a grave decision, weighing the benefits of encouraging people to let the old, wrong, and inaccurate ideas of the BBT on the roadside to rout, or perhaps write too much, too specific, that even more destruction and it's residual fear out of the box.

     It is an ancient idea, Judaic in nature, that the Universe was created outside of the Universe.  That it is considerably smaller than the actual reality that it is founded in.  Although there are other religious creation theories… yes the dreaming gods and the navel thingy and such.  I am not here to discuss religious constructs even though I have grown up in an environment for me to see and study a very wide and healthy selection of the worlds extreme variety of religions.  I was raised and I am a Christian of the Catholic variety, Irish, with a healthy dose of Eastern European to contrast including relatives of the Russian Orthodox persuasion.  So it is from my own background that I have seen the relationship of religious understanding and it influence on thought and action.  

     In general people are people and they we do what people do.  From the apathetic to zealots, personal determinations are based primarily on the person.  However religion is fundamental.  If a person can’t wrap there brain around it the ABC’s and 123’s will never profit the individual, to paraphrase Socrates.  If you don’t know that you never read the various introductions the ancient Greeks wrote that are the current bedrock of ALL Eastern Math and Sciences.  Truly, check it out!  Go now and be quick about it… 

      There are various lessons that religion confront and teach.  Socrates and those before him brought forth from the historic ancient Egypt (probably but not proven during the era during and after Joseph’s appointment over the Pharaoh’s granaries) ideas of blending meditation with math and the sciences to obtain information from God’s messengers to deal with real life problems.  These messengers are well known as Angels, but for the ancient Greeks this would be Hermes and this idea may or may not be generally and sometime inaccurately referred to as Hermetic.  For the children of Abraham is has been handed down as Kabbalah, ‘handed down’, and begins with meditating on the relationships of the Ten Commandments with each other in a very specific way.

     So many of the ideas that I needed to come up with the unifying of Gravity with the fields had already been established and I have understood them since before I was twelve, but how to do it was the question I wasn’t able to fully answer until I was nineteen.  This was also accompanied with a specific application including proofs of mathematics which were necessary to demonstrate the various aspects of the theory and its application.  The mathematical approach that I had extrapolated and set down is different in accordance, I believe, to rectifying the problems that Newton had claimed kept him from publishing his version of what we now refer to as Calculus.

     Interestingly Newton was deep into mystical practices that undoubtedly influenced his wide range of contributions to Math and Science.  These religious practices he kept very much to himself because he feared the grave consequences that the Church of England could and probably would have imposed upon him if they were discovered.  Some of these writings were found after his death.

     So it is that religious morality, Math, and Science, have been meticulously interwoven not just by humans, but as Einstein is known to have said, “God does not play dice with the Universe.”
The math I had come up with I leave out entirely because during the 1980’s the specific designs for what was going to be the largest cyclotron ever built and the intentions of the experiments it was designed for could, if the math was applied with the BBT would suggest importance in variations of the experiment and that would lead to a catastrophic event in which not only would the entire cyclotron be destroyed, but the implosive/explosive result would leave a five mile diameter crater besides the other subsequent destructive forces radiating out from the event would probably devastate everything within a twenty-five mile radius.

     I do still reflect on a conversation I had with a physicist and a semi-retired translator for major Japanese corporations a few days before the Japanese withheld the funds they had promised for the cyclotron's completion.  I do not know if the two have anything to do with each other but it keeps me wary of what I do write about math and science.  I will not be writing anything about a wide range of topics around ‘Universal Relativity’ which has very radical approaches and solutions to various phenomena including the securing of Gravity as being unified.

     Again all of this is for the Earth’s human protection from the followers of the BBT and their less than scrupulous allies and benefactors.

    The main concepts that are the driving force behind the differences of theories I hope can be safely written about in a public forum and I trust the only destructive result will be the abandoning of the BBT, various aspects of Quantum Mechanics (which I probably won’t address for a while), and the Theory Evolution. 

     Honestly the ‘evolution’ construction is very antiquated to constructs that are based around a natural unfolding of a veritable pool of genetic constructions susceptible to surrounding replicating material.  Such an idea makes the idea of hormone treatment easily explainable and how carcinogens cause cancer and can lead to better selections of cures through focused chemical substitution that is more agreeable to replacing corrupted cells and easier to process.  Also it is the fast track to effective treatment and through understanding genetically stimulated diseases and other issues of failing biological systems due to biological deterioration and might even prove to be effective in growing organic/biologic organs for transplants.  The logic follows as far as I followed it, but biology is merely a sideline of interest for me.

     There are certain points of the theories I had come up with that touch other fields.  It has cast a shadow of misunderstanding that has inhibited all sorts of health care technologies, including non-biological organ transplants and recreating cannibalism into our culture.  Instead of eating human flesh and digesting it and leaving it to the body to disperse the nutrients some doctors will cut people opened and put the human flesh right where they think it’s needed. 

     Procurement, the taking of living flesh from somebody… I really don’t to draw out the subject of comparing organ transplanting to cannibalistic tribes but in general anthropological reports seem to depict a political process rationalized to the populous by ‘shamanistic’ leaders then structured around social events before and after hosted by the political leaders that benefit from the death.  Again, not a specialty of mine, and certainly nothing I indorse to any degree.  I bring it up because there is a deterioration of social and cultural values is happening before our eyes.

     Truly I do wish and hope for a release from these and many other bastardizations of science.  That if the current world scientific community can’t capitulate to sound science that a new generation of scientists will prevail.  So for the soundness of science and society I venture to write.

     What Gravity is.  The simple answer is…

     Gravity is the direct result of the relationship involving the fourth spatial dimension Space and third spatial dimension Matter particles.  

     The fields are precipitates of Universal Relativity.

     Universal Relativity expands the theories of Relativity that Einstein proposed.

     It is as described in the first book of Moses, Genesis, that we have free will, not only does Space control Matter, but particles of Matter are allowed to be directly effect by other particles of Matter to the extent that manipulated Matter can be accommodate by Space.  To illustrate...

     Man's will, as God allows, can be forced to an extreme; such people as Hitler and the Nazis rise to power.  Then God also predetermined that other people can rise to overcome these people when they have forced themselves well beyond the measure of other peoples' will.  Likewise physicists can force Matter to do things against Space.  This perverting Matter can not change the properties of Space.  However the observance is Relative.  Therefore the physicists only see what is happening to Matter as a fish sees what is beyond the surface of it's 'lake'.  Before the nature of Space can be effected the forced particles of Matter are rearranged as Space dictates and the particles of Matter reacts in an up perceptional way and this way is Gravity and it's perceptions are in the fields depending upon Universal Relativity.

    As the illustration is concluded... Hitler, after being defeated by his own miscalculations, committed suicide, Mussolini was hung by his own countrymen, and the Emperor of Japan was forced to abdicate to the US losing his ‘divinity’ after the US had demonstrated its ultimate downfall.  Midway, the Japanese Admiral could not concede defeat and rushed into the battle anyway.  All war scenarios after the US foothold in the Philippines was established demonstrated an ultimate Allies’ victory, however the loses on both sides were calculated a few hundred thousand.  The “Bomb” was dropped and the Emperor wouldn’t concede forcing a second “Bomb” to be dropped. 

     The stacks for mankind are high.  Einstein tried to dissuade the German scientists in the 1920’s from participating in the experiments the Nazis wanted them to perform.  Later anti-Semitic activities forced Einstein to ask several countries' governments of the European community, including France and England, to take him in.  They all refused.  Only the United States would harbor him.  These are only some of the facts regarding the importance of moral integrity for scientists.  I hope the world scientific community has a change of heart.


Stephen A. Halkovic III

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